Living The Passive Income Lifestyle

Since most people’s dream life consists of earning a livable income passively a good way to do this is through passive income. Many of the big time internet guru’s main source of passive income generally comes from affiliates.

These affiliates pay a commission for each sale they refer to the company. This can be almost any company that has an affiliate program but many affiliate programs either pay little or may not be completely honest in the number of sales you generate. So the most important step is to find and use an affiliate program that has a good reputation.

The second most important step is to get the traffic to your affiliate ads. This is one of the hardest steps to do and it is very important because without traffic to your affiliate ads you have a up hill battle. In addition the conversion rate should be higher than average so that you convert that traffic into sales and commissions.

I found a great ebook that covers all these issues and more, since I normally don’t recommend an ebook I found this one to be very good. The ebook is called Super Affiliates and you can get a copy here. If there is one thing I have learned is that money is well spent on knowledge that can pay off financially.

With this information I believe that almost anyone can make a decent living passive income and begin to live a lifestyle that anyone would envy.

All That Glitters

Many investors think that they have proper diversification since they own several different industry stocks however if your missing precious metals your not protected in times of inflation and economic uncertainty.

When the majority of stocks decline metals normally rise. Precious metals can protect investors during a declining dollar, increased inflation, world catastrophes, and economic declines and it is for these reasons that investors should own precious metals.

It used to me common knowledge that 5-10% of an investors assets would be sufficient protection to cover the declining assets however even Jim Cramer from Mad Money is recommending a higher percentage.

There are many different ways to own gold or silver inlcluding:

1. Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) – Gold stock symbol is GLD and trades at 1/10 the value of an ounce while silver trades with the stock symbol SLV.

The benefit of buying the ETF is the liquidity of your money but try cashing it in when their is an economic crash so many investors buy the actual metal.

2. Bullion Coins – Gold and Silver coins can be bought through any coin or bullion dealer at the spot price plus a few percent. There is something about holding the physical bullion coin that is satisfying.

The benefit of owning the physical commodity is that you can easily take it with you or use it if you would ever need to. The downside is that you need to have secure storage for it.

Other options for owning precious metal are owning the mining stocks, rare coins, and to a lesser extent jewelry. No matter which way you choose to invest in precious metals it’s a good idea to make it a part of your diversified portfolio.

How To Retire Before 40

After I wrote the ebook “How To Retire Before 40” I decided to make it into a print version book. I used createspace since they print the book when it is ordered. Whether through my site or Amazon the process is the same.

The sales have been pretty good so I can’t complain. If any of you have an ebook that you have produced I suggest you check out having it made into a physical book at createspace. The process is relatively simple.

You submit your book information, have a book cover made and approved, and submit your ebook for review. Once these steps are completed your ready to order your book proof, review it, and approve it. Your all done and your book is now for sale at createspace, Amazon, and your own sites.

The process is fast and easy to finish. There is nothing like having a print book version of your ebook available for sale.

Free Advertising

If your looking for ways to make more money from your business your probably going to need to advertise more. Advertising costs money but there is a free classified site that gets results without costing a dime.

US Free Ads is a free classified ad site that performs pretty well for me and I believe it can help anyone generate more business. I have gotten lots of responses from the ads I place there and the site is very easy to use.

You simply select the category you want your ad listed under and write your ad with your contact information. You can also upload a picture and include your contact information. If you won websites you can provide a clickable link directly to your website.

If your looking to generate more leads for your business this is your chance to do it, for free.

$25,000 Homes

With real estate in such bad shape the last few years deals are everywhere. If you have equity in your house now might be a good time to sell even at the reduced market value and buy a cheaper home for cash.

I know many of you might think I am crazy saying this but the reality is that owning your home versus making a mortgage payment every month is smart. At the end of the day, I would rather live in a cheaper paid off house than a mortgaged higher priced home.

If you are curious of your housing options and the value of your current home you can do some research at which will give you all the information you need to make well informed decisions. This site is a best kept secret and free to use.

You can find out what all the homes in your area are worth, what home have sold for in the last year, etc. A good site for finding cheap homes is which is also free to use. Just input the house your looking for with the prices, areas, etc. and up come a list of properties for sale.

You can really get some very good deals by using both of these sites together to research and locate property. There are many homes for sale for under $25,000 in most areas throughout the country.

Picking Dividend Stocks

Since the stock market has been doing so well lately naturally there is more interest in investing in stocks. Since I am a big fan of high paying dividend stocks I decided to write a post on them.

The benefits of investing in dividend stocks are many including a steady and increasing income, share price is not as important when your earning a steady income, and many of these stocks share prices increase along with their dividend.

Since share prices change on a daily basis it’s hard to pin down accurate and current dividend yield numbers. I use a dividend report company that updates all the current stats. This helps me to buy more shares when they have been slammed for temporary bad news while increasing my income.

If your interested in getting current and updated dividend stock information this newsletter is great. Buy low and keep increasing your income.

Cheap Discount Stock Brokerage Accounts

Since my last post was about a great stock with some good possible upside potential I figure I would create a post on opening a cheap but good online brokerage account.

In years past paying $20-30/trade was common, today fees have come down substantially. You can now find great discount brokerage accounts with trading fees of less than $5/trade. They won’t give you stock picks but if you do your homework via their online research areas and follow the market you can make your own picks.

The following discount stock brokerages charge less than $5/trade:

1. Sogotrade – This site is awesome and trades are only $3. They have excellent research tools and speedy and easy to use trading platform.

2. Tradeking – This sites charges $4.95/trade and also has some excellent research tools. The trade are executed very fast with excellent customer service.

3. Zecco – This site charges $4.50/share but their research tools are a little on the slim side. This site is for more experienced traders since their trading platform is a little generic and less user friendly.

All of these brokerage companies are highly reputable and good for a new investor whom is looking to start trading stocks.

Photo Submission Results

In my last post I talked about attempting another try at getting some photos accepted through various photo sites. This is my second attempt with the first attempt of 10 photos all being rejected.

Fortunately this time I had a little better result. I submitted 10 photos to 4 photo sites with the following results:
1. ShutterStock – 0 for 10 – This site seems to be very picky and although the same photos were submitted to all 4 sites this is the only one that rejected them all.
2. BigStockPhoto – 2 for 10 – This site seems to be a little more accepting and shows good potential for future submissions.
3. Fotolia – 1 for 10 – This site accepted only 1 photo but the potential is still there.
4. Dreamstime – 0 for 10 – This site was extremely picky and I will give them one more try.

So while not as successful as I hoped to be this tie around at least 3 out of 10 photos were accepted in total. Now that I have a few pictures accepted I will continue to add photos and see what kind of revenue they generate.

Passive Income From Photos

Several months ago I attempted to submit some photos to create a new passive income stream. Unfortunately it didn’t go so well and all the photos were rejected.

Not one to give up so easily I changed the type of photos from skyscrapers to ancient ruins and landscapes. I also made sure they were at least 4 megapixels in resolution since the last batch I submitted were rejected partially due to a lower quality resolution.

I submitted the photos to and They are uploaded to the sites and pending approval or rejection. I figure I will just continue to fine tune the process and tweak the errors I make and hopefully at some point get new pictures accepted.

Then I will continue to take more photos until I hit 1,000 in each of the photo sites. What I like about these sites is that you can sell your picture over and over again, truly a passive income.

Eventually I would like to have photos earning passive income in,, and as well. This could generate from several $100/month to over $1,000/month, so I consider it a good possible new passive income stream.

MLM Research

One of the passive incomes I am trying to developing is Multi-Level Marketing. However I am not looking to sign up for a MLM business but rather start my own. I don’t know how many times I hear of people working for years to develop a downline of members only to have the company go out of business or change their rules.

I don’t want too put in a lot of work only to have this happen to me. I would rather have full control over the MLM and therefore ensure my work will count.

I have been doing a lot of research recently on MLM businesses. I noticed that 80% of the top producing MLM business are either nutrition or beauty businesses. Obviously this appeals to a lot of people otherwise there wouldn’t be so many businesses in these fields.

I want my MLM business to be in a different type of business since these two markets are way too saturated to compete in. I have narrowed down my ideas to about three. I will post the final MLM business once I decide on it for sure.