Why Prepaid Legal is a Great MLM Business

When I first got into the real estate investing business I was pretty ignorant to the possibility of getting sued. I had never been involved in a legal dispute before nor did I ever expect too since I conducted my behavior and responsibilities appropriately.

Fast forward several years and I have been involved in multiple lawsuits and everyone had little to do with my own actions. Lucky for me my realtor at the time had recommended “Prepaid Legal” which for a monthly fee of around $25 provided the legal answers, recommendations, and representation for these lawsuits.

The first lawsuit involved a pedestrian tripping over one of my rental property sidewalks and suing me. I called the real estate attorney at prepaid legal and they recommended that I not even respond since it was probably a nuisance lawsuit. He explained that “deadbeats” attorneys check the county courthouse for landlords that have multiple properties in the hope that their insurance will settle it out of court. Long story short I never heard back from their attorney.

The second lawsuit involved a dispute with a contractor whom quotes me a price for railings that needed to be added to some steps so I could accept a HUD (Section 8) tenant. After the work was completed the contractor wanted double of what he had quoted me. I tried to rationalize the quote with the contractor but it did no good. After a few calls to the attorney at prepaid legal they wrote a few legal letters including the possibility of a counter lawsuit by me. Eventually the case was settled for the original quote.

I had multiple lawsuits from tenants in relation to eviction hearings and called prepaid legal to find out exactly what I would need to bring to the hearing in order to prove my case and drop the counter lawsuits. I won then all since the district magistrates were so impressed with my documentation.

So for a little money every month you can protect yourself, your family, and your business using this service. Best of all they have a referral commission where your receive a upfront bonus and monthly commissions for every person you bring into the plan.

Their is a fee of $250 to become an associate but this is one MLM/Network marketing program that actually helps people and is not some scam to just make money off of useless junk or services.

Network Marketing aka MLM

I know most of you have heard of Amway or Mary Kay which are both Multi Level Marketing Companies also known as network marketing. They sell items to their members and get a commission as well as from signing up new members.

The more people you sign up under you the more passive income you receive from their sales. The theory is that once you get a number of people signed up that you won’t need to work a job again since the passive income will automatically be generated.

The reality is that even if you do manage to get people signed up under you and they do get sales the MLM companies either change the way they pay commissions or go bankrupt. I have heard of countless people spending several years building a down line only to lose it due to changing rules and company changes.

So I came up with a plan to create my own MLM so that this won’t be an issue for me once I put in all the hard work and time. Even though I am not a big fan of MLM I want to expand all my passive incomes and having a down line of sellers could definitely create a nice passive income.