Package Grouping Ebooks

As I talked about earlier I was considering grouping multiple ebooks in a package for sale. One of the books I am now selling my 6 internet related package is my “How To Retire Before 40” ebook.

Since part of the ebook talks about making internet income to fund an early retirement I figured this would be a great place to sell the internet business package. This package now includes:

1. How To Make $1,000/Month Taking Surveys
2. Top 10 Writing Sites For Making Money
3. How To Create & Monetize an Ebook
4. How To Create & Monetize Websites
5. How to Make Money From Domain Parking
6. How to Make Cell Phone Apps

Here is the “How To Retire Before 40” ebook site which includes the grouping of these ebooks.  I think this will be a good fit with this ebook.