Print Book Available In Amazon

After a relatively long process of converting my “How To Retire Before 40” ebook into a print version it’s finally listed and for sale on Amazon. You can see the book here.

It’s really nice to see all the hard work finally come to completion. I already have a few new ideas on creating some new print version books. Since my experience and knowledge is mainly on finance, business, and investing, the ideas would fall into those categories.

I also am considering making an audio book version like I did with my “How To Start A Candy Machine Business”. You can listen to a preview of that book on the sales page here. In any case I am focusing my efforts on some new passive income streams that I will update you on shortly.

If you have ever wanted to write a book I highly recommend doing it. It something I doubt you will regret doing and it could make you some nice passive income as a bonus. Who knows maybe you could even make a full time living as a writer.

Print Book Ready For Sale

It has been quite a learning experience taking my “How To Retire Before 40” ebook and making it into a print version book. There is a lot of fine tuning and time that goes into making an ebook into a book.

The trouble all seemed to be worth it as I am now holding a proof copy in my hands. It’s one thing to have ebook for sale but an entirely different feeling to have it in your hands. I almost feel like a real author now.

The hardest part of the process was sizing the book cover and formatting the PDF to fit a print book. I will say that having a physical book commends more respect to the “real world”. It may not make as much money as the ebook version but it gets more respect.

Some people will never consider you an author unless you have a physical book and although I don’t need that acceptance it’s nice to have. If you have an ebook you may want to seriously consider making it into a print book. It’s worth the bragging rights even if you don’t get many sales from it. After all how many people do you personally know that have written a book.

My book is for sale at createspace here and is in the process of becoming available in Amazon. I haven’t taken the expanded distribution option that createspace offers since my book is larger than the standard sizes needed to become available at libraries and book stores but I may have it resized in the future.