Why Skills Are Better Than Money

There is a common belief in todays society that money in the bank is worth more than just about anything else. The problem with this belief is that it is somewhat flawed.

If you don’t believe me ask all the victims of Bernie Madolf, Enron, or Worldcom shareholders. Many people had worked their entire life and build up their savings only to lose it all in a scam.

What about all the people who lose their money through medical emergencies, divorce, bankruptcy, lawsuits, etc. The list of potential ways to lose your life savings overnight is enormous.

This is why I am a strong backer of learning useful skills that are used in the real world. Skills like car repair, home building, starting a business, growing a garden, investing, etc. are all highly useful for yourself and those around you.

Think about if you did lose all your money how long would you have to work to get it back? If you had learned the above skills you could build your own house cheaply, buy a used car and do your own repairs, start a business to generate income, and invest the money to rebuild your assets in a relatively short period of time you could be back on your feet.

If all you had was money and none of these skills you could find yourself living on the street. Don’t get me wrong, money is important but having useful skills beats money anyday since they can never be taken away the way money can.