Why Being Your Own Boss Rules

It just occurred to me the other day why shopping how empty the stores were. Then I realized everyone else is working at their job during the day while I am shopping.

When you work from home, specifically the internet you can basically set your own hours. It’s been a few years now for me so it I sometimes forget that most people work from 9-5.

It also made me aware at how great it is to work from home. Even when I have owned other businesses most required me to work during business hours since that’s when I needed to contact other business owners, customers.

With the internet you don’t get a lot of customer service issues. If I do I simply fire off an e-mail and I am done. I love to structure my business around my needs. I like to jog, workout, and spend time with friends during the day.

It’s so nice not to HAVE to get up at a specific time and sit in rush hour traffic. If you are looking to get started on an online business check out my .99 cent “Beginners Guide To Making Money On The Internet“.