Little Known Survey Sites That Pay

After writing my “Make $1,000/month Taking Surveys Ebook“, I decided to test and experiment little known survey sites.

Some of these survey sites are relatively new and have less of a following while others have been around a while but few use.

Since I was looking to increase my monthly survey earnings I decided to give them a shot. Here is the list of new survey sites which have paid out when I requested it.

1. MySurvey – This site was formerly known as lightspeed panel and although they have merged with Mysurvey the surveys have gotten better.

They now pay via points that get converted to cash. Once you reach the 1100 point cash out minimum you can convert in to cash via paypal.

The surveys are normally a few 1,000 points each and take less than 15 minutes to complete each. It’s a pretty good survey site.

2. Keynote Surveys – What I like about this site is that they send $10-$20 surveys that take about 30-45 minutes to complete.

Normally they have you check out a online website and do some basic tasks and then give opinions on what you like and don’t like about the website. They also ask on how the site can be improved.

Within 3 days you will receive your reward by e-mail which is usually a Amazon gift certificate code for $10-$20.

3. ACOP – This site has a minimum $10 pay out via check but only has a few surveys per month. There are better survey sites out there but if your looking for a little extra cash this is your site.

4. Focus Foward – This site has a minimum pay out of $20 and the average survey is a few $1 each so it takes a few weeks to get a cash out.

Overall not a bad survey site but there are much better paying sites.

5. Esearch – This site is great since all their surveys are relatively short and paid via paypal for every survey done.

Anotherwords, there is no minimum cash out. Just take each survey and they pay for each survey seperately in cash. Overall a great site.

If you have already signed up for survey sites in my ‘”Make $1,000/month taking surveys Ebook” these sites would be a great way to add some extra survey income.