Best Compact Video Recorders For Posting Videos Online

If you have been considering recording videos to generate passive income your probably going to want a compact video recorder. Many of these record as well as or better than the more traditional camcorders and they are easier to download to Youtube or Revver.

Since I was doing some research online recently regarding mini camcorders I have become more knowledgeable through the process. You really have lots of options to choose from but I have uncovered three which are inexpensive, have quality video, and easy to download video online.

1. Kodak Mini Video Camera – This is the camcorder I ended up buying used for $35 with shipping included. Since it is a 3rd of the price of the other two highly rated camcorders I figured this was a inexpensive version with high ratings.

I have to say that the Kodak is very nice and is very easy to use. You simply press record and can watch what your recording on the reverse side and then save. The USB fitting comes right out of the camcorder and plugs into your computer. The recording video is automatically installed when you first connect the camcorder to your computer.

I really liked how easy it was to download video directly to Youtube, very easy to do. An added bonus is that this Kodak is very thin and small about the size of a credit card and almost as thin as one.

Overall, a very good deal.

2. Flip Ultra HD Video Camera(3rd Generation) – This is the latest and greatest flip camcorder out there right now and at a little more than $100 a pretty good deal. This is another compact camcorder that is said to have very high quality video.

3. Flip Ultra HD Video Camera (2nd Generation) – The older version of the above but still very good you can buy them used for under $100 with most of the benefits you would expect in a top model camcorder.

You really can’t go wrong buying any of these mini camcorders since they all have excellent reviews on Amazon, an inexpensive price, and quality video. If you have been considering creating online videos for passive income or just to post them these are excellent choices.

Living The Passive Income Lifestyle

Since most people’s dream life consists of earning a livable income passively a good way to do this is through passive income. Many of the big time internet guru’s main source of passive income generally comes from affiliates.

These affiliates pay a commission for each sale they refer to the company. This can be almost any company that has an affiliate program but many affiliate programs either pay little or may not be completely honest in the number of sales you generate. So the most important step is to find and use an affiliate program that has a good reputation.

The second most important step is to get the traffic to your affiliate ads. This is one of the hardest steps to do and it is very important because without traffic to your affiliate ads you have a up hill battle. In addition the conversion rate should be higher than average so that you convert that traffic into sales and commissions.

I found a great ebook that covers all these issues and more, since I normally don’t recommend an ebook I found this one to be very good. The ebook is called Super Affiliates and you can get a copy here. If there is one thing I have learned is that money is well spent on knowledge that can pay off financially.

With this information I believe that almost anyone can make a decent living passive income and begin to live a lifestyle that anyone would envy.