Ehow/Demand Studio Stock (DMD)

Last month I got an e-mail from the old Ehow article site saying that they were closing their compensation plan which paid me monthly passive income for articles I had written. Initially I thought this was a bad thing but after reviewing the e-mail they offered to buy my articles or I could remove them and place them at another article site.

Since many of my articles were written when I first started trying to make passive income online the quality wasn’t the best so the decision to sell them was a relatively easy one. I decided I would just write new articles at other article sites. I then thought maybe I should invest that money into the companies stock since it was a publicly traded company. I also have a theory that since this company would no longer have to pay passive income every month to the writers but instead would now get to keep 100% of the earnings that this could have a significant impact on thier earnings.

After doing some research on DMD (Demand Studios/Ehow) I realized that they were losing money currently but after buying all these writers articles that may change very soon, possibly in two quarters. In my opinion this company is significantly undervalued since much of their revenue is based on Search engine searches. The earnings have already taken a big hit a few months ago when Google changed up its search results and placements so that is already discounted into the stock.

The good news is that their page views keep going up which translates into higher earnings and management is already addressing the issues with Googles new search engine rankings. Goldman Sacks just upgraded the shares from a neutral to buy recommendation which sent the shares higher a few days ago by 16%.

Bottom line is that this may be a good time to pick up some shares of this company. I will tell you that I picked up some shares myself so I don’t want to leave that out of this post so you know my position ahead of time. That being said any old Ehow writers might want to take their pay outs and invest in the company themselves.

Writing Sites Similiar To Demand Studios(Ehow)

There are many different types of writing sites that have various ways of earning upfront and passive income however only a few pay what I consider to be fair compensation. Among the best paying was Ehow now known as Demand Studios (DMD) which is a publicly traded company.

Many of the writing sites pay via ads placed on them through your own Google Adsense and Amazon ads but this can be an issue for some writers. They may not have an Adsense account due to a lack of a website, their adsense account could have been banned, or they would just like a simple hands off approach to making money without the aggravation.

There are only a handful of sites that use their own Adsense accounts to generate passive income and then pay out a percentage of your written pages earnings. Out of this handful of sites which are similar to how Ehow use to pay only 2 in my opinion are worthy of your effort and they are listed below.

1. Firehow – This site is an up and coming writing site that although now won’t come close to the earnings of Ehow is a nice way to play its increasing popularity in the search engines. They pay via paypal every month for your passive earnings generated by your page views.

2. Triond – This site is another relatively new site that pays somewhat better than Firehow but has a more strict approach to article reviews. They also pay via paypal and base the earnings on page views.

Both of these writing sites are a great way to start building up your passive income and allow increased earnings as the sites grow in popularity without the hassle of dealing with affiliate codes and accounts.

Best Writing Site For Earning Passive Income

One of the first ways I started out earning money online was through writing short articles of less than 500 words for several writing sites. After a few months the earnings started to trickle in and I got to see which sites paid off the most.

The articles I wrote for Ehow (Now Demand Media) have generated me anywhere from a little over $100-$200/month. I wrote these article a few years ago and have not added any since but I still get this passive income every month.

This is one of the great benefits to working on the internet since you can generate passive income long after your work is done. I stopped writing articles when I learned how to create websites and ebooks since I would truly own the writing.

But if your new to creating income online one of the best ways to start generating passive income is through writing short articles and submitting them to writing sites. If I were just starting out I would choose Demand Studios to submit articles.

When I wrote the articles the site was named Ehow but Demand Studios has since bought them out. The new article guidelines are a little harder but in my opinion well worth the extra time needed to submit them.

If you really like to write it wouldn’t be too difficult to get your monthly earnings above $1,000. That would mean writing several 100 articles but at a couple of hundred words each that’s not as difficult as it sounds.


Writing for income is not a very passive way to make money unless you write it for a site like Constant-Content.

How is Constant-Content different from other writing sites?  Its passive income from writing versus other writing sites that pay you per 1,000 views.

You could literally write 1 article and resell that same article over and over again through Constant-Content and not just at a few dollars either.

Most of the articles there are selling for $20 and up for non-exclsuive rights to publish an article.

The best thing about this site is you get to price each article whatever you want.  You get to decide what your article is worth and let the market determine its worth.

How does a potential outside publisher/buyer know if your articles worth the price?  You show an partial amount of each article to prospective buyers.

You also have full control over exclusive or non-exclusive content which allows you to either sell the article to only one buyer or to many buyers.

Obviously the exclusive article sells for more since it is a one time deal but many writers only sell non-exclusive so that they can keep generating money from the same articles.

This site is absolutely fantastic but the set up is a little different since you will have to write your article on your own microsoft word or compatible software and then download it to Constant-Content.

This site is truly a great way to make not only passive income but a nice size passive income.

Heck if you write only a few articles and then forget about them you could very well be getting money every month with no additional work.

Residual Writing Income


There are lots of writing websites that pay you to write short articles of 500 words or less.

The problem with many of these websites is that they do not pay that well and the ones that do many times have very strict guidelines for getting paid.

I know of one writing site that requires a set number of rating and writing stars before they will pay you residual income.

I found this out the hard way after I had written many articles and didn’t get paid.  I don’t want you to make the same mistake.

The key to making residual income is to use the handful of writing sites that once you write your article and it is accepted you will get residual income for life or unless the site closes.

You should make sure the writing site you are using has been in business for a minimum of two years since writing articles takes alot of time initially and you don’t want to throw your time away if the site closes.

The second requirement is understanding how the writing site pays you.  Some sites pay you only an up front payment, others pay only a residual payment, and a few pay both. 

The following writing websites are great for residual income and have met the above requirements.

1. Constant-Content – This site allows you to write articles that you can then post on their site to be sold exclusively or non-exclusively.  The benefits of using this site include setting your own sales price and selling the same article many times therefore increasing your prospective income.

2. Demand Studios – Formerly E-how which was my favorite writing site until it merged in April 2010.  You will have to qualify to write for this site but most writers are accepted.  They pay upfront for some articles and  monthly revenue based on article views and ad clicks.

3. Associated Content – This site allows you to get paid up front and if it does not qualify for upfront payment recieve monthly revenue based on clicks and traffic to your articles.

In addition to these writing sites I have included the top 10 writing sites and other information in an e-book here.

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