Writing Books

Almost everyone I know wants to write some sort of book however few actually will ever do it.

I am sure you have had the same conversation with your friends as well but why do so few people actually write it?

I think the answer is a combination of lack of time, lack of self confidence, and lack of information.

I can understand the lack of time issue since most of us are very busy however how is it that others whom have the same lack of time are able to write a book?

I would argue that they are motivated, persistent, and focused. Many writers literally stare at their computers for hours but they manage to still type out a few pages anyway.

No one ever said writing was easy but it is possible and not writing a book can be more difficult than the pain of writing it.

I think the problem of writing a book is that most people think they are not talented enough.

The reality is that many people produce books including myself that are not very talented. The difference is they do it anyway with imperfections and all.

Once you finish writing and self publishing it you can always revise and updated in a later edition.

In addition to publishing your book you could also make it an audio book for people that prefer to listen to it in their cars and a E-book which cost less than $100 for a freelancer to put it into PDF format.

You could then do seminars or book signings for additional income streams. The potential is never ending once you create a book.

You could also sell specific chapters of the book for website publishers to use on their website. You could even create your own website based on your book.

What about a subscription website based on your book since you will now be a respected published author. You could charge monthly fees of $30-$50 to access your expert articles and information.

Your book could even be made into a how to video or made for T.V. movie. There is no limit to the possibilites once you have written your book.

So why not actually write the book you have been wanting to write regardless of how bad you may think it would be.

You really have nothing to lose by writing your book and everything to gain.

If your still not confident enough to write your book buy this book which will give you inspiration and show you how anyone can publish a book.