For some reason people have no problem spending $20 for a book but have a harder time spending $20 for an E-book.

Many people don’t realize that what there actually paying for is the information not the book regardless of what form it comes in.

Publishing a e-book is ultra simple and other than putting it in PDF form which enables it to be sent online quick and read it has no costs to publish.

Better yet all you need to make a lot of money on an e-book is a  sales page and e-book cover made which would cost less than $200 total.

You simply write your book on Microsoft Word Software or a free compatible version of it that you can download online.

You simply write your text, table of contents, etc. and hire a freelancer on elance.com to put it in PDF form, design the graphics for your E-book cover, and the sales page.

To sell it you could advertise it online at a few cents per click through PPC(Paid Per Click) sites like Adwords or Yahoo.

You could budget as little as $1.00/day and pause or stop the ad when ever you want to, you have full control.

At 2 cents per click you could have 50 people a day directed to your sales page for your e-book for only a $1.00.

If you have just one sale at $20 then you made $19, so you can see the potential of creating a e-book.

Once again the process is simple, you write via Microsft Word Software, once your book is done post an ad on e-lance to PDF, Create a E-book Cover and Create a Sales/Landing Page for $200 and your done.

You can then take that book and sell it yourself through PPC (Paid Per Click) advertising.

You could sell it via affiliates through Clickbank.com and you would have other people selling it for you in return for a portion of your profit.

You could make it into a hardcover book via a self publishing company like Amazon.

The potential to make money is endless and once you write and publish the book all you need is to make $200 to break even for your publishing costs.

The rest of your revenue is pure profit.  Write an e-book on anything you know something about and create a passive income for life.