Board Game

With new technology dominating the news like I-Phones, Apps, and State of the art video games one area is being overlooked, board games.

Monopoly is still the best selling game of all time and its a board game as well as a video game.

I don’t see technology as a competitor to board games but as a additional way to make money from a board game.

Why not create your own board game that you can then sell yourself of market through a game company.

You can start creating your game via cardboard and upgrade it to computer grahics later on through a programmer.

The programer could make the game not only available via a physical board game graphic but a computer addition as well.

Having both versions of a new game available will be the perfect way to target both the hands on and computer demographic.

I bet most of you could create a new game that would sell to the mass market but might not have the confidence to actuallt try it.

That’s why I recommend starting with cardboard, markers, etc and creating the actual prototype board game first since there is little cost or risk in that.

Once you fine tune the game to the point will you have worked out the glitches you can put in for a free quote from a computer programer to bid on the project at

Elance allows you to submit a computer freelance project and have progammers bid on your project.

You then select the programmer you want and deposit the quoted cost into an escrow account at Elance.

If for some reason the programmer does not finish the project or does not do the quality work promised the money deposited at Elance will not be released to the programmer.

This is a great feature of Elance since you are pretty much guaranteed to have your work done right.

In any case, you will then have a version of your game that can be sold to the general public and start creating a passive income.