I-Phone Apps

It seems like all anyone is talking about these days in the I-phone and its apps.

I always heard of many people making big money by selling Iphone apps in the Apple I-store but I thought I would need to know how to program the apps.

It turns out that many of the app owners don’t make them themselves, in fact they have no idea how to do the programing involved.

What they do is hire a freelancer to make the phone app and give them their app idea.

At this point all the person whom thought of the app has to do is wait on the freelance app programmer to fine tune it.

After several e-mail correspondences between the app programmer and the person that hired him your app will be completed.

You will still need to open a I-store merchant account which will cost a intial fee of $125.

After you have opened your I-store account and downloaded the app you will need to wait a few days to a few weeks to get approval from Apple.

If your app is approved your instantly live on their app site and you will need to do some marketing and advertising to generate sales.

There are 100,000’s of apps in their store and although you may get some random sales it would be better to do some promotion.

Creating a sales page with your app link in it and advertising the sales page can improve your sales fast.

Now just wait for the sales to come and you should be getting passive income for years to come.