Photo Submission Results

In my last post I talked about attempting another try at getting some photos accepted through various photo sites. This is my second attempt with the first attempt of 10 photos all being rejected.

Fortunately this time I had a little better result. I submitted 10 photos to 4 photo sites with the following results:
1. ShutterStock – 0 for 10 – This site seems to be very picky and although the same photos were submitted to all 4 sites this is the only one that rejected them all.
2. BigStockPhoto – 2 for 10 – This site seems to be a little more accepting and shows good potential for future submissions.
3. Fotolia – 1 for 10 – This site accepted only 1 photo but the potential is still there.
4. Dreamstime – 0 for 10 – This site was extremely picky and I will give them one more try.

So while not as successful as I hoped to be this tie around at least 3 out of 10 photos were accepted in total. Now that I have a few pictures accepted I will continue to add photos and see what kind of revenue they generate.

Sell Pictures

Since many people like taking pictures why not make some money from it.

There are many websites that allow you to post your pictures for possible income.

Once the pictures are posted on the website you will get paid for each use of the picture.

What’s great about putting your pictures on these photo websites is that you can make a great passive income every month.

I have noticed that some internet income sites that post there earnings from photos make $100’s each month.

Obviously some months will be lower than others but the fact remains that you can make passive income from taking pictures you would have taken anyway.

The main photo website at the moment is and it also pay the best from what others have told me.

Why not literally take a shot and post your pictures there since you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.