Candy Vending Business

When I first started creating businesses I started a candy vending machine business.

The reasons for starting with candy machines was simple.  It was cheap to start up, I could grow in one machine at a time, and once placed created passive income.

For all of these reasons the candy machine business is perfect.  In a nut shell you can buy the machines used for less than $100.

The hardest part of the business is placing the candy machines but if you ask enough store owners you will get a yes.

The next decision is deciding what candy type to use, where to get the candy cheap, and how soon to refill the machines.

Once you establish those decisions you will need to bargain with the store owner to give him his share of the profits.

There are lot of little details that make a world of difference to your profits.  Things like where to place the machines to generate maximum income and how to generate additional revenue.

Many people think that candy machines generate income from just selling candy but the smart and experinced candy owner knows there are many other revenues.

You could sell advertising on the side of the candy machines or place credit card applications in a small holder that sticks to the top of the machine.

There are many other ways to generate additional income.  The great thing about a candy machine business is that you can grow it as big or small as you want.

There are many little tips that I learned that can make a huge impact on a candy machine business.

If your serious about starting a candy machine business check out my candy machine business E-book here.

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