Best Survey Sites For Referral Income

After several years of testing lots of survey sites and selecting the ten best sites to make $1,000/month I began to experiment with making passive income through referrals.

Some things I learned were that most survey sites referral payments are low. These sites paid a flat $1-$5 one time payment and required as many as 50 referrals before getting paid. Not many people get 50 referrals so I considered those sites a waste of time.

Other sites just didn’t seem to credit referrals when I knew of several people that had signed up using my referral links. I dropped these survey sites for generating referrals since they were dishonest.

What I was left with were three survey sites that generate passive income but no upfront payments. To be honest I would rather get residual income than a one time upfront payment. This way I get paid for every survey that my referral takes for the life of their account.

Here are the three survey sites that I have been very satisfied with their referral programs:

1. Cash Crate – This survey site not only pays you for every survey your referral takes but also pays you if your referral gets referrals. This is called second level referrals and it’s a great way to have your referrals make you even more money.

2. Treasure Trooper – Again this is the same type of two level program as Cash Crate uses and they have lots of free and paid surveys to take daily.

3. Survey Savvy – Although this survey sites only pays you for your referrals surveys taken the residual income is higher than the other two survey sites.

If you have a website or could send out emails to your friends with your referral link you could generate a nice passive income from these survey sites.

Survey Referrals

I have received several e-mails recently asking is it possible to make referral income taking surveys. The answer is yes but it takes a lot of work. Many people you sign up will start out taking surveys like gang busters only to get frustrated in a few days.

They expect to see lots of surveys and income in a few days. It doesn’t work that way as in most things in life. The longer your with a survey company the more and better paying the surveys will be. It is important to let your referrals know this and keep them motivated.

The motivation is the most important part since many people get frustrated early on, usually in the first week and give up. By sending e-mails to your referrals showing your own results and referencing other successful survey takers this should provide the inspiration during the early leaner times.

That being said, the best survey sites to make referral income are survey savvy and cash crate since they both have a second referral program as well. That means when your referral signs up people under them you get part of their earnings as well. This is a really good way to create passive income fast.

Keep inviting your family, friends, and associates to sign up for these survey sites and you can quickly earn $100’s a month without any work. A true passive income.


A little used technique to make passive income is through the use of referring others to a product or service.

When promoting a product or service it is important to nake sure that not only will you get an initial referral for a order but income from all future orders.

I will use Amazon as a case study since it is the most well known affitilate company.

If you are posting an Amazon widget or banner on your website for a specific product you are promoting  on your website or blog and a customer clicks on that you are entitled to a commision if any items  are bought.

Many website owners assume wrongly that they will only get a commission if that specific product they are promoting is bought through Amazon.

The great thing about promoting most affiliates, Amazon included is that a cookie is issued so that the affiliate will know where the traffic is coming from.

Why should this matter to you?  Well, if the Amazon visitor buys ANYTHING on that site you will get a commission for up to several days to weeks later.

So another words, the visitor of your site that clicked on your Amazon link does not need to buy anything right then but could come back to Amazon the next day and buy something.

Which means the cookie that was generated when they were at your site will allow you to still generate a commission the next days or weeks depending on how long the affiliate allow the cookies to be active.

So in addition to deciding on what percentage or fixed amount you will get per affiliate sale, don’t forget that the length of cookies is very important as well in deciding on what affiliate to promote.

You may still make money weeks later from a visitor to your site because of cookies.