Insurance Income

Everyone knows how important having insurance is on your car, house, and life but it’s also a possible passive income source.

Few people not in insurance know that everytime a insurance policy is renewed a residual income is produced.

Unfortunately, in order to sell insurance you need to be licensed by the state your selling it in.

From what I understand by talking to my insurance agent to get licensed to sell insurance only requires a few college credit classes and a state issued exam.

Since many people already have a college degree many of the required college level classes are done.   You might need to take a special insurance class as well but that’s usually it.

If you then take you state level exam your in business.

The great thing about selling insurance is the fact that once you sell a policy every year it is renewed you get a check.

To be honest I wouldn’t want to sell the policy but I would like the residual income checks that they generate.

If you don’t mind doing a few sales calls and get your insurance license this could be a great way to generate passive income for the future.
Here’s a book to get you started: