Advertising Banners

If you notice the banners on the right side if the site they are advertising products.

I have always used affiliate banners to get commissions from other businesses products but never my own.

Until recently I had no products so it was never an option however now that I have written a few e-books I figure I would give the banners a try.

I had absolutely no knowledge on how creating the banners works but for $5 I was able to have a banner made that looks pretty decent.

It is for my candy machine e-book and whats nice about the banner is that I can now use it on all my sites.

So instead of making other people money maybe I can make a little for myself, well see.

In any case the banner was not near as complicated as I though it would be to have made.

The designer did a great job and did it fast, within a few hours so I had him make me another one for a differnet e-book.

So for a grand total of $10 I can now advertise two E-books anywhere on the internet, sweet.

The moral of the story is to step out of your comfort zone and try something new as it may be easier than you thought.