Free Advertising

I have been looking for a new way to increase traffic and sales to my websites and ebooks. After doing some research I found some great linking software. If your not familiar with links they are similar to the comments section in that you can place a comment with your website address in it, therefore linking directly back to your website.

After trying to place links through comments on other websites I have finally came to the conclusion that it takes to much time. A better and faster way is doing the same thing but doing it through automation. Linking software allows you to make comments to multiple sites with a push of a submit button.

I can now get 1,000’s of links in the time it takes me to post one. Not only does it save time but it allows you to select websites that have similar keywords as your targeting.

Overall a great way to get more traffic and sales without the time and expense cost of running ads or placing links manually. I highly recommend anyone looking to make passive income online by using this method.