Audio Book Finished

My candy machine business audio book is finally finished and I was very impressed with the finished product. It’s now available live at along with the ebook version.

I am selling the ebook and audio book seperately as well as a combination package. The audio book version is a nice addition to the ebook and will allow those that would rather listen than read to still get some valuable information.

Now that I have my first audio book behind me I am thinking of adding audio books to compliment my other ebooks. My next goal is to have the ebook available as a real book which I am currently working on at

This site allows you to submit your ebook and a book cover to their site and have it available at their site along with at Amazon as a print on demand book. For $39 they will also distribute it to libraries and book stores.

Audio Book

As some of you may know I have been looking for new ways to monetize my ebooks. I was looking for a professional voice over person to read the ebook: How to Start a Candy Machine Business.

I finally found the right voice over person. He sounds very professional and should be a good fit as my audio guy. Here is a sample of the preface of the ebook, Candy Machine Preface. It sounds very good and is a quality product.

Once the audio book is completely done I will then look to add it to my ebook site, Amazon, and other ways to sell it. I believe selling the ebook and audio book together will boost sales but I won’t know for sure until its done.

In any case I am very satisfied with the initial audio book. Let me know what you think.