Writing for income is not a very passive way to make money unless you write it for a site like Constant-Content.

How is Constant-Content different from other writing sites?  Its passive income from writing versus other writing sites that pay you per 1,000 views.

You could literally write 1 article and resell that same article over and over again through Constant-Content and not just at a few dollars either.

Most of the articles there are selling for $20 and up for non-exclsuive rights to publish an article.

The best thing about this site is you get to price each article whatever you want.  You get to decide what your article is worth and let the market determine its worth.

How does a potential outside publisher/buyer know if your articles worth the price?  You show an partial amount of each article to prospective buyers.

You also have full control over exclusive or non-exclusive content which allows you to either sell the article to only one buyer or to many buyers.

Obviously the exclusive article sells for more since it is a one time deal but many writers only sell non-exclusive so that they can keep generating money from the same articles.

This site is absolutely fantastic but the set up is a little different since you will have to write your article on your own microsoft word or compatible software and then download it to Constant-Content.

This site is truly a great way to make not only passive income but a nice size passive income.

Heck if you write only a few articles and then forget about them you could very well be getting money every month with no additional work.

Advertising Banners

If you notice the banners on the right side if the site they are advertising products.

I have always used affiliate banners to get commissions from other businesses products but never my own.

Until recently I had no products so it was never an option however now that I have written a few e-books I figure I would give the banners a try.

I had absolutely no knowledge on how creating the banners works but for $5 I was able to have a banner made that looks pretty decent.

It is for my candy machine e-book and whats nice about the banner is that I can now use it on all my sites.

So instead of making other people money maybe I can make a little for myself, well see.

In any case the banner was not near as complicated as I though it would be to have made.

The designer did a great job and did it fast, within a few hours so I had him make me another one for a differnet e-book.

So for a grand total of $10 I can now advertise two E-books anywhere on the internet, sweet.

The moral of the story is to step out of your comfort zone and try something new as it may be easier than you thought.

Phone Apps

A few years ago no one new what a app was, now everyone knows.

So how can you profit from the smartphone and app market?  Well, by getting some apps to sell.

I always thought that you had to make them yourselves but now I know most of the app owners outsource them.

For the life of me I don’t understand why all these app programmers just don’t make then and sell them themselves.

The answer is probably a combination of lack of time, needing money now, and laziness.

Also a lot of app programmers also say that  the majority of the apps don’t sell well which is true.

The secret to making money in apps is to give them away free and to advertise and market them.

Why would you want to spend money on having a app designed for you and then give it away, ads.

Whenever you download a free app the app comes with ads you must look at for a few seconds.

After doing a lot of research on this topic it turns out that since people aren’t paying for the apps they will download far more than if they had to pay the normal 99 cents.

I guess they deal with the ads as the price you pay for not paying a price.  In any case the income is nice.

You can put ads on your app through a few sources:

1. Google (Admobs)

2. Apple (Iads)

I don’t have actual experience using either of these ad networks since my apps are still in development. 

But there are several websites that list there earnings and may app owners are bringing in over $50/day from ads.

The great thing about apps is that they are pretty cheap to have made.

You can have an app made for as little as a few $100’s and for the more complex apps several $1,000’s.


The use of leverage for creating passive income simply is defined as simply amplifying a gain or loss of an investment through the use of borrowed money.

Now that question remains should you use leverage to create income or investment gains?

There is no correct answer but given how the recent recession has effected the prices negatively in both the stock market and real estate market I would side on not using leverage.

Just as leverage multiplies your gains during good times it also multiplies your losses in economies like were currently in.

Why did the real estate market collapse?  Why the answer can be blamed on many different factors no one can disagree that we all paid a heavy price.

Even if you have kept your home and continued making mortgage payments on a over valued home, your values will be effected for years by the homeowners that walked away from the houses.

Although I understand how frustrating it is to owe more on your home than it is currently worth sometimes you have to suck it up and do the right thing.

Nothing goes down forever and the markets will at some point go up again but will people make the same mistake again?

Insurance Income

Everyone knows how important having insurance is on your car, house, and life but it’s also a possible passive income source.

Few people not in insurance know that everytime a insurance policy is renewed a residual income is produced.

Unfortunately, in order to sell insurance you need to be licensed by the state your selling it in.

From what I understand by talking to my insurance agent to get licensed to sell insurance only requires a few college credit classes and a state issued exam.

Since many people already have a college degree many of the required college level classes are done.   You might need to take a special insurance class as well but that’s usually it.

If you then take you state level exam your in business.

The great thing about selling insurance is the fact that once you sell a policy every year it is renewed you get a check.

To be honest I wouldn’t want to sell the policy but I would like the residual income checks that they generate.

If you don’t mind doing a few sales calls and get your insurance license this could be a great way to generate passive income for the future.
Here’s a book to get you started:

Virtual Real Estate

Everyone knows about the potential to make money in real estate but how many of you know about virtual real estate.

After my real life real estate investments were sold off I had some money to invest and decided to do a little online research.

That research yielded me several websites that actually sell virtual property.

Why would anyone want to own virtual land?  For the same reasons investors want to own tangible land.

It’s valuable online since just like in the real world you can build on it, rent it, sell it, or sell items on it through a business.

The most well know virtual real estate site is without a doubt Secondlife, some of you may have even heard of it.

I got involved in SL as it is known among users about 3 1/2 years ago and I am still a member( Dillian Novi) is my screen name there.

Plots start at 16 sqm and up with common buildable parcels starting at 512 sqm. 

When I first started in SL many of the small 16 sqm roadside lots were selling for more than the average 512 sqm lots.

Why would you pay so much more for a tiny lot on the road?  Simple, roadside advertising signs.

I had sold many of my roadside lots back them for between $5000 Linden($15) – $10,000 Linden($30).  Many of the lots I payed no more than $1.000 L($3) since 300 Linden = $1 or so.

So I was making decent profits and owned a lot of land but Second Life caught on and too many people complained of all the ads by the road.

So Linden Lab ( Management of SL) decide to put a bunch of strict rules in place which basically killed the 16 sqm market.

Today most people make money through selling larger 512 sqm.+ lots and selling services and items like virtual clothes, furniture, etc.

There is still a lot of money to be made in second life but as in real life, the game changes and you just need to adapt. The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Second Life: Making Money in the Metaverse

If you sign up for SL and have any questions you can contact me there.  My screen name is Dillian Novi.


A little used technique to make passive income is through the use of referring others to a product or service.

When promoting a product or service it is important to nake sure that not only will you get an initial referral for a order but income from all future orders.

I will use Amazon as a case study since it is the most well known affitilate company.

If you are posting an Amazon widget or banner on your website for a specific product you are promoting  on your website or blog and a customer clicks on that you are entitled to a commision if any items  are bought.

Many website owners assume wrongly that they will only get a commission if that specific product they are promoting is bought through Amazon.

The great thing about promoting most affiliates, Amazon included is that a cookie is issued so that the affiliate will know where the traffic is coming from.

Why should this matter to you?  Well, if the Amazon visitor buys ANYTHING on that site you will get a commission for up to several days to weeks later.

So another words, the visitor of your site that clicked on your Amazon link does not need to buy anything right then but could come back to Amazon the next day and buy something.

Which means the cookie that was generated when they were at your site will allow you to still generate a commission the next days or weeks depending on how long the affiliate allow the cookies to be active.

So in addition to deciding on what percentage or fixed amount you will get per affiliate sale, don’t forget that the length of cookies is very important as well in deciding on what affiliate to promote.

You may still make money weeks later from a visitor to your site because of cookies.


Many people want to make money on the internet but have no idea where to start or how to do it.

Anyone can learn how to create internet income from the use of blogs, websites, etc. but they may not have the time or money to learn.

The solution is to simply let someone else create the websites and other income streams for you.

A common misconception is that it is expensive to hire someone to do your work for you but that is not true.

Especially with a bad economy like we have now, designers and programmers are plentiful, cheap, and looking for work.

There has never been a better time to get cheap work done for you.

You may not even know the questions to ask in order to develop your websites but thats fine.

The freelancer you hire will ask the questions and be able to design a site for you cheap an explain anything you may need help understanding.

Websites like elance have nothing but programmers and developer looking for work.

You can simply place an add looking for free quotes and you can pick the person you want to make your website.

Why learn everything it takes to make money online when you can hire cheap labor to do it for you.

There is really no reason why any person should not have several websites generating income for them.

P2P Lending

How would you like to lend money to someone other than some bank paying a measley 1-2%?

You can now get returns of 7-25% by loaning money to individuals versus banks.

P2P(Person to Person) websites like Prosper and Lending Club both allow individual investors to pick their loans.

If you have ever seen these sites they have hundreds of loan listings that pay various rates depending on the borrowers credit score.

Obviously the lower rated borrowers will pay a higher interest rate on their loans.

A word of warning since I have some experience as an investor of these sites, stay away from any type of medical loans unless you don’t mind losing your investment.

Time and time again I have heard of countless investors complaining that their medical loans to individuals did not get paid back.

I don’t know if these loans go bad is the fact that the borrower is dealing with bigger issues than financial problems or if they actually intend to pay it but can’t.

In any case, don’t loan to medical borrowers.  Except for these specific type of loans many investors get all their investments back and at great rates.

This is not a traditional way to make loans but I like the fact that you can actually help real people in a big way.

The minimum loan amounts are $25 for Lending Club and $50 for Prosper so you are not taking a whole lot of risk if you make investments.

Sell Pictures

Since many people like taking pictures why not make some money from it.

There are many websites that allow you to post your pictures for possible income.

Once the pictures are posted on the website you will get paid for each use of the picture.

What’s great about putting your pictures on these photo websites is that you can make a great passive income every month.

I have noticed that some internet income sites that post there earnings from photos make $100’s each month.

Obviously some months will be lower than others but the fact remains that you can make passive income from taking pictures you would have taken anyway.

The main photo website at the moment is and it also pay the best from what others have told me.

Why not literally take a shot and post your pictures there since you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.