Iphone App

I thought I had the perfect app developer whom was referred to me by another app investor who had 2 apps made from this developer but even checking references is not fool proof.

After I gave the developer my idea and we cooresponded for several weeks and came up with a final price which I then paid to develop I had heard nothing from him for 2 weeks.

Since the app was supposed to have been started and finished by July 9 however I had heard nothing from developer so I had e-mailed him two seperate times over the last two weeks.

Still no response whatsoever so I had contacted the freelance website(elance) that this developer works through and explained the situation and they e-mailed the developer.

Still no response so I requested my money back which was promptly refunded within minutes.

The morale of the story is that you never know exactly whom your dealing with online even with references which is why it is very important to work with a middleman that keeps your freelance project money in escrow for situations especially like this.

I am very glad I used elance it makes me feel good knowing I am protected against freelance problems.

I have posted and found a new developer that is working on several apps for me so even though my app project is a little behind it looks like I will come in under budget.