Now I must admit that I am not a big picture taker however after doing some research on new forms of passive income I have settled on attempting to make photos a passive income.

Let me explain a little what I am talking about, there are several websites that allow you to download original photos onto their photo sites for borrowing the photo.

You own the copyright to the photo and can license its use to anyone whom wants to use it for whatever reason but mostly likely website related uses.

Anyway your photos can be used 1oo’s of times or even more if its popular and generate $100’s/month.

My research shows that you would need to have a few 100 pictures on these photo sharing sites in order to make a few $100/month but if you like taking pictures your set.

A great way to earn extra money or make your hobby profitable.  The best paying of these photo websites seem to be, istockphoto, and

I will be submitting several 100 photos over the next few months and tell you how it works out.  Let me know if you have had any positive or negative experiences with these sites.