Converting Ebooks to Kindle

I have been looking to expand on my passive income from my information products which are mainly ebooks. So I just had my candy machine business ebook converted to a Amazon kindle edition.

Here is the ebook converted to a Kindle edition live on Amazon Today. I figure this will be a good experiment into selling via Amazon.   It costs me $5 on fiverr to have the ebook converted and the Amazon submission completed for me, what a deal.

After the book was submitted it took 48 hours for Amazon to approve it or not.  Luckily for me it was approved.  My next experiment is to have a print on demand version available on Amazon.

I will keep you posted on the sales and other experiements.

$1,000 Homes

Is it possible to buy a single family home for less than most peoples monthly mortgage payment?  The answer is yes if you don’t mind Detroit with its high property taxes and crime.

Why would anyone buy these homes?  For me its about making passive income.  Look at it this way, where else can you invest a few $1,000 including fix up and earn $500/month in passive income?  Not many places so I am willing to take the risk and invest.

To be honest I have many years of real estate investing knowledge and experience so the risk is probably less than your average home buyer.  The other side of all the bad news with Detroit is that there is a lot of opportunity to make money in real estate.

The pictures above show a home I bought for $1,100.  After about $2,500-$3,000 in painting, carpet, siding, and appliances I am looking at a $500/month payment every month from a home buyer that I will finance myself.

I know this is possible there because I have done it several times before, you just have to be willing to take the risks and know what your doing.  If you would like to buy a home for yourself to live in or as an investment please take a look at my website at for more information.