Affiliate Income

At some point if you have a website or are planning on starting a website you will probably want to look into finding a way to monetize it. Since there are literally hundreds of ways to do this it helps to do some research first.

In addition to several ebooks I have written and sell I also like to diversify my income through selling other companies items and receive an affiliate income. The problem is there are so many affiliate to choose from and some have bad reputations so you have to be careful on what products you promote.

After doing lots of research and experimenting with several affiliate ebooks information I have found some great information on making money using affiliates here. This ebook showed me several methods and companies to use to generate a nice passive income.

If your looking for a great ebook on making affiliate income this is the one to use.

Audio Book

As some of you may know I have been looking for new ways to monetize my ebooks. I was looking for a professional voice over person to read the ebook: How to Start a Candy Machine Business.

I finally found the right voice over person. He sounds very professional and should be a good fit as my audio guy. Here is a sample of the preface of the ebook, Candy Machine Preface. It sounds very good and is a quality product.

Once the audio book is completely done I will then look to add it to my ebook site, Amazon, and other ways to sell it. I believe selling the ebook and audio book together will boost sales but I won’t know for sure until its done.

In any case I am very satisfied with the initial audio book. Let me know what you think.

Free Advertising

I have been looking for a new way to increase traffic and sales to my websites and ebooks. After doing some research I found some great linking software. If your not familiar with links they are similar to the comments section in that you can place a comment with your website address in it, therefore linking directly back to your website.

After trying to place links through comments on other websites I have finally came to the conclusion that it takes to much time. A better and faster way is doing the same thing but doing it through automation. Linking software allows you to make comments to multiple sites with a push of a submit button.

I can now get 1,000’s of links in the time it takes me to post one. Not only does it save time but it allows you to select websites that have similar keywords as your targeting.

Overall a great way to get more traffic and sales without the time and expense cost of running ads or placing links manually. I highly recommend anyone looking to make passive income online by using this method.

Cell/Mobile App

Since I have been looking for new ways to make money from my ebooks I have been researching various methods. Since cell phones have become such a popular way to search the internet I decided to have an app made for my candy machine ebook.

Here is the app online, notice the page is much smaller so that it fits onto a cell phone screen. Hopefully this app will get me additional sales along with some other methods I am trying including a audio book which I am having done for the candy machine ebook.

My thought is I will sell the ebook and audio book individually and as a package. I will see how that works out and continue to look for additional ways to make money through ebooks.