Print Book Available In Amazon

After a relatively long process of converting my “How To Retire Before 40” ebook into a print version it’s finally listed and for sale on Amazon. You can see the book here.

It’s really nice to see all the hard work finally come to completion. I already have a few new ideas on creating some new print version books. Since my experience and knowledge is mainly on finance, business, and investing, the ideas would fall into those categories.

I also am considering making an audio book version like I did with my “How To Start A Candy Machine Business”. You can listen to a preview of that book on the sales page here. In any case I am focusing my efforts on some new passive income streams that I will update you on shortly.

If you have ever wanted to write a book I highly recommend doing it. It something I doubt you will regret doing and it could make you some nice passive income as a bonus. Who knows maybe you could even make a full time living as a writer.

Why Skills Are Better Than Money

There is a common belief in todays society that money in the bank is worth more than just about anything else. The problem with this belief is that it is somewhat flawed.

If you don’t believe me ask all the victims of Bernie Madolf, Enron, or Worldcom shareholders. Many people had worked their entire life and build up their savings only to lose it all in a scam.

What about all the people who lose their money through medical emergencies, divorce, bankruptcy, lawsuits, etc. The list of potential ways to lose your life savings overnight is enormous.

This is why I am a strong backer of learning useful skills that are used in the real world. Skills like car repair, home building, starting a business, growing a garden, investing, etc. are all highly useful for yourself and those around you.

Think about if you did lose all your money how long would you have to work to get it back? If you had learned the above skills you could build your own house cheaply, buy a used car and do your own repairs, start a business to generate income, and invest the money to rebuild your assets in a relatively short period of time you could be back on your feet.

If all you had was money and none of these skills you could find yourself living on the street. Don’t get me wrong, money is important but having useful skills beats money anyday since they can never be taken away the way money can.

Print Book Ready For Sale

It has been quite a learning experience taking my “How To Retire Before 40” ebook and making it into a print version book. There is a lot of fine tuning and time that goes into making an ebook into a book.

The trouble all seemed to be worth it as I am now holding a proof copy in my hands. It’s one thing to have ebook for sale but an entirely different feeling to have it in your hands. I almost feel like a real author now.

The hardest part of the process was sizing the book cover and formatting the PDF to fit a print book. I will say that having a physical book commends more respect to the “real world”. It may not make as much money as the ebook version but it gets more respect.

Some people will never consider you an author unless you have a physical book and although I don’t need that acceptance it’s nice to have. If you have an ebook you may want to seriously consider making it into a print book. It’s worth the bragging rights even if you don’t get many sales from it. After all how many people do you personally know that have written a book.

My book is for sale at createspace here and is in the process of becoming available in Amazon. I haven’t taken the expanded distribution option that createspace offers since my book is larger than the standard sizes needed to become available at libraries and book stores but I may have it resized in the future.

Easiest Ways To Start A New Business

I have started several businesses over the years and I have always found that the #1 way to give myself a good shot at creating a successful business is to lower my expenses as low as possible.

In life it’s much harder to count on a steady income especially if your self employed so I concentrate on the area I can control which is monthly expenses. When your starting a new business the first few months are almost guaranteed to not make much income.

Most businesses don’t start turning a profit in their first year but you can speed up that process by reducing your expenses which will allow you to concentrate 100% on the business. Dealing with the stress of high bills is not a good way to focus your mental energy.

Don’t think of lowering your bills as downsizing, think of it as a short term diet. Once your business is turning a profit you can start adding the things you dropped earlier. Everything in life requires some sacrifice but this one is only temporary.

Once your all your hard work has paid off and your business is running smoothly you will look back at the slimmer times as worth it and you won’t ever have to deal with the stress of getting laid off.

Picking Dividend Stocks

Since the stock market has been doing so well lately naturally there is more interest in investing in stocks. Since I am a big fan of high paying dividend stocks I decided to write a post on them.

The benefits of investing in dividend stocks are many including a steady and increasing income, share price is not as important when your earning a steady income, and many of these stocks share prices increase along with their dividend.

Since share prices change on a daily basis it’s hard to pin down accurate and current dividend yield numbers. I use a dividend report company that updates all the current stats. This helps me to buy more shares when they have been slammed for temporary bad news while increasing my income.

If your interested in getting current and updated dividend stock information this newsletter is great. Buy low and keep increasing your income.

Cheap Discount Stock Brokerage Accounts

Since my last post was about a great stock with some good possible upside potential I figure I would create a post on opening a cheap but good online brokerage account.

In years past paying $20-30/trade was common, today fees have come down substantially. You can now find great discount brokerage accounts with trading fees of less than $5/trade. They won’t give you stock picks but if you do your homework via their online research areas and follow the market you can make your own picks.

The following discount stock brokerages charge less than $5/trade:

1. Sogotrade – This site is awesome and trades are only $3. They have excellent research tools and speedy and easy to use trading platform.

2. Tradeking – This sites charges $4.95/trade and also has some excellent research tools. The trade are executed very fast with excellent customer service.

3. Zecco – This site charges $4.50/share but their research tools are a little on the slim side. This site is for more experienced traders since their trading platform is a little generic and less user friendly.

All of these brokerage companies are highly reputable and good for a new investor whom is looking to start trading stocks.

Sara Lee Spinning Off Company

I love companies that spin off companies since the spun off company normally outperforms the market. Recently Sara Lee released some news indicating that they intend to do just that.

Now might be a great time to buy this stock since shareholders will automatically be getting the spun off company shares as well.

The company will pay its normal $0.12 dividend but the split will also result in a $3.00 per share cash special dividend that should be completed early in 2012.

Sara Lee’s North American retail and food services will be spun off in a tax-free manner to shareholders into a new public company. That entity will keep the Sara Lee name and will consist of the Sara Lee desserts, Jimmy Dean brands, and other popular brands.

The spun off company will include Sara Lee’s beverage and bakery units. The shares are obviously trading higher on the news but there could be much more upside of this stock.

Book Cover Finally Finished

If you have been following this site for a while you may have known that I have been looking to expand the distribution of my ebooks. One of my goals is to have several of my ebooks made into a printable book available for sale through Amazon.

Right now I have several ebooks on Amazon. I have been working with to make my “How To Retire Before 40” ebook into a print book. The process requires downloading the PDF file and having a book cover made to their standards.

It took me 5 book cover submission attempts to finally have the book cover approved but it’s finally done. Now I have ordered the book and waiting for it to be sent to me so I can proof it, then I should have it listed on Amazon for sale in book form.

If anything the process taught me how complicated and time consuming this process can be. I will be glad when the process is over and the book is finally published. I would say that if you have an ebook or are thinking about writing an ebook to get it published into a book.

Many people won’t buy a ebook and only consider a book if it is published as a physical book. So creating the physical book will allow you to reach a new customer base and expand your credibility as an author.

Survey Referrals

I have received several e-mails recently asking is it possible to make referral income taking surveys. The answer is yes but it takes a lot of work. Many people you sign up will start out taking surveys like gang busters only to get frustrated in a few days.

They expect to see lots of surveys and income in a few days. It doesn’t work that way as in most things in life. The longer your with a survey company the more and better paying the surveys will be. It is important to let your referrals know this and keep them motivated.

The motivation is the most important part since many people get frustrated early on, usually in the first week and give up. By sending e-mails to your referrals showing your own results and referencing other successful survey takers this should provide the inspiration during the early leaner times.

That being said, the best survey sites to make referral income are survey savvy and cash crate since they both have a second referral program as well. That means when your referral signs up people under them you get part of their earnings as well. This is a really good way to create passive income fast.

Keep inviting your family, friends, and associates to sign up for these survey sites and you can quickly earn $100’s a month without any work. A true passive income.

Photo Submission Results

In my last post I talked about attempting another try at getting some photos accepted through various photo sites. This is my second attempt with the first attempt of 10 photos all being rejected.

Fortunately this time I had a little better result. I submitted 10 photos to 4 photo sites with the following results:
1. ShutterStock – 0 for 10 – This site seems to be very picky and although the same photos were submitted to all 4 sites this is the only one that rejected them all.
2. BigStockPhoto – 2 for 10 – This site seems to be a little more accepting and shows good potential for future submissions.
3. Fotolia – 1 for 10 – This site accepted only 1 photo but the potential is still there.
4. Dreamstime – 0 for 10 – This site was extremely picky and I will give them one more try.

So while not as successful as I hoped to be this tie around at least 3 out of 10 photos were accepted in total. Now that I have a few pictures accepted I will continue to add photos and see what kind of revenue they generate.