Passive Income From Photos

Several months ago I attempted to submit some photos to create a new passive income stream. Unfortunately it didn’t go so well and all the photos were rejected.

Not one to give up so easily I changed the type of photos from skyscrapers to ancient ruins and landscapes. I also made sure they were at least 4 megapixels in resolution since the last batch I submitted were rejected partially due to a lower quality resolution.

I submitted the photos to and They are uploaded to the sites and pending approval or rejection. I figure I will just continue to fine tune the process and tweak the errors I make and hopefully at some point get new pictures accepted.

Then I will continue to take more photos until I hit 1,000 in each of the photo sites. What I like about these sites is that you can sell your picture over and over again, truly a passive income.

Eventually I would like to have photos earning passive income in,, and as well. This could generate from several $100/month to over $1,000/month, so I consider it a good possible new passive income stream.