Writing Sites Similiar To Demand Studios(Ehow)

There are many different types of writing sites that have various ways of earning upfront and passive income however only a few pay what I consider to be fair compensation. Among the best paying was Ehow now known as Demand Studios (DMD) which is a publicly traded company.

Many of the writing sites pay via ads placed on them through your own Google Adsense and Amazon ads but this can be an issue for some writers. They may not have an Adsense account due to a lack of a website, their adsense account could have been banned, or they would just like a simple hands off approach to making money without the aggravation.

There are only a handful of sites that use their own Adsense accounts to generate passive income and then pay out a percentage of your written pages earnings. Out of this handful of sites which are similar to how Ehow use to pay only 2 in my opinion are worthy of your effort and they are listed below.

1. Firehow – This site is an up and coming writing site that although now won’t come close to the earnings of Ehow is a nice way to play its increasing popularity in the search engines. They pay via paypal every month for your passive earnings generated by your page views.

2. Triond – This site is another relatively new site that pays somewhat better than Firehow but has a more strict approach to article reviews. They also pay via paypal and base the earnings on page views.

Both of these writing sites are a great way to start building up your passive income and allow increased earnings as the sites grow in popularity without the hassle of dealing with affiliate codes and accounts.