No Minimum Or Penalty C.D.’s

You probably are familiar with C.D.’s (certificate of deposits) that can be bought at any bank however most C.D.’s have penalties for early withdrawals and a minimum deposit.

These minimum deposits usually start at $250 and up with most requiring at least a $1,000. Ally Bank has no minimum initial deposit and also has no penalty for early withdrawals. Since most C.D.’s are from 6 months to 5 years in length having access to your money is a nice option to have.

Ally bank also makes it easy to open and fund their C.D.’s since the entire process can be done online. Their rates are generally from 1-2% annual on 1 year C.D.’s which isn’t bad especially when you consider the fact that most checking and savings account pay under .5% annually.

If your looking to start saving on a limited budget this program is ideal. You won’t get rich from these C.D.’s but it’s a good way to get the savings momentum started while learning about C.D.’s. They also make a good plan to start an emergency fund of 6-9 months of monthly expenses.

100 Free Stock Trades

Many stock brokerages offer special limited time programs and this includes free stock trades however few also don’t require a minimum initial deposit to open an account and trade for free.

Options House is running a special 100 free stock trades to any new account and the free trades are good until August 1 2011. These trades are free regardless if their market, limit, or stop loss orders. The free trades are good for any type of stock including penny and OTC stocks.

If your on a limited budget or are looking to make some small risky penny stock bets this type of account would be ideal. It is also a great account for experienced investors as well since their ease of placing orders and research platform is one of the best in the business.

When the free trades do expire on August 1, they charge only $3.95/trade so its a keeper. This is a little known firm so jump on this deal if you have a chance.

All That Glitters

Many investors think that they have proper diversification since they own several different industry stocks however if your missing precious metals your not protected in times of inflation and economic uncertainty.

When the majority of stocks decline metals normally rise. Precious metals can protect investors during a declining dollar, increased inflation, world catastrophes, and economic declines and it is for these reasons that investors should own precious metals.

It used to me common knowledge that 5-10% of an investors assets would be sufficient protection to cover the declining assets however even Jim Cramer from Mad Money is recommending a higher percentage.

There are many different ways to own gold or silver inlcluding:

1. Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) – Gold stock symbol is GLD and trades at 1/10 the value of an ounce while silver trades with the stock symbol SLV.

The benefit of buying the ETF is the liquidity of your money but try cashing it in when their is an economic crash so many investors buy the actual metal.

2. Bullion Coins – Gold and Silver coins can be bought through any coin or bullion dealer at the spot price plus a few percent. There is something about holding the physical bullion coin that is satisfying.

The benefit of owning the physical commodity is that you can easily take it with you or use it if you would ever need to. The downside is that you need to have secure storage for it.

Other options for owning precious metal are owning the mining stocks, rare coins, and to a lesser extent jewelry. No matter which way you choose to invest in precious metals it’s a good idea to make it a part of your diversified portfolio.

Why Prepaid Legal is a Great MLM Business

When I first got into the real estate investing business I was pretty ignorant to the possibility of getting sued. I had never been involved in a legal dispute before nor did I ever expect too since I conducted my behavior and responsibilities appropriately.

Fast forward several years and I have been involved in multiple lawsuits and everyone had little to do with my own actions. Lucky for me my realtor at the time had recommended “Prepaid Legal” which for a monthly fee of around $25 provided the legal answers, recommendations, and representation for these lawsuits.

The first lawsuit involved a pedestrian tripping over one of my rental property sidewalks and suing me. I called the real estate attorney at prepaid legal and they recommended that I not even respond since it was probably a nuisance lawsuit. He explained that “deadbeats” attorneys check the county courthouse for landlords that have multiple properties in the hope that their insurance will settle it out of court. Long story short I never heard back from their attorney.

The second lawsuit involved a dispute with a contractor whom quotes me a price for railings that needed to be added to some steps so I could accept a HUD (Section 8) tenant. After the work was completed the contractor wanted double of what he had quoted me. I tried to rationalize the quote with the contractor but it did no good. After a few calls to the attorney at prepaid legal they wrote a few legal letters including the possibility of a counter lawsuit by me. Eventually the case was settled for the original quote.

I had multiple lawsuits from tenants in relation to eviction hearings and called prepaid legal to find out exactly what I would need to bring to the hearing in order to prove my case and drop the counter lawsuits. I won then all since the district magistrates were so impressed with my documentation.

So for a little money every month you can protect yourself, your family, and your business using this service. Best of all they have a referral commission where your receive a upfront bonus and monthly commissions for every person you bring into the plan.

Their is a fee of $250 to become an associate but this is one MLM/Network marketing program that actually helps people and is not some scam to just make money off of useless junk or services.

Best Writing Site For Earning Passive Income

One of the first ways I started out earning money online was through writing short articles of less than 500 words for several writing sites. After a few months the earnings started to trickle in and I got to see which sites paid off the most.

The articles I wrote for Ehow (Now Demand Media) have generated me anywhere from a little over $100-$200/month. I wrote these article a few years ago and have not added any since but I still get this passive income every month.

This is one of the great benefits to working on the internet since you can generate passive income long after your work is done. I stopped writing articles when I learned how to create websites and ebooks since I would truly own the writing.

But if your new to creating income online one of the best ways to start generating passive income is through writing short articles and submitting them to writing sites. If I were just starting out I would choose Demand Studios to submit articles.

When I wrote the articles the site was named Ehow but Demand Studios has since bought them out. The new article guidelines are a little harder but in my opinion well worth the extra time needed to submit them.

If you really like to write it wouldn’t be too difficult to get your monthly earnings above $1,000. That would mean writing several 100 articles but at a couple of hundred words each that’s not as difficult as it sounds.

How To Retire Before 40

After I wrote the ebook “How To Retire Before 40” I decided to make it into a print version book. I used createspace since they print the book when it is ordered. Whether through my site or Amazon the process is the same.

The sales have been pretty good so I can’t complain. If any of you have an ebook that you have produced I suggest you check out having it made into a physical book at createspace. The process is relatively simple.

You submit your book information, have a book cover made and approved, and submit your ebook for review. Once these steps are completed your ready to order your book proof, review it, and approve it. Your all done and your book is now for sale at createspace, Amazon, and your own sites.

The process is fast and easy to finish. There is nothing like having a print book version of your ebook available for sale.

Little Known Survey Sites That Pay

After writing my “Make $1,000/month Taking Surveys Ebook“, I decided to test and experiment little known survey sites.

Some of these survey sites are relatively new and have less of a following while others have been around a while but few use.

Since I was looking to increase my monthly survey earnings I decided to give them a shot. Here is the list of new survey sites which have paid out when I requested it.

1. MySurvey – This site was formerly known as lightspeed panel and although they have merged with Mysurvey the surveys have gotten better.

They now pay via points that get converted to cash. Once you reach the 1100 point cash out minimum you can convert in to cash via paypal.

The surveys are normally a few 1,000 points each and take less than 15 minutes to complete each. It’s a pretty good survey site.

2. Keynote Surveys – What I like about this site is that they send $10-$20 surveys that take about 30-45 minutes to complete.

Normally they have you check out a online website and do some basic tasks and then give opinions on what you like and don’t like about the website. They also ask on how the site can be improved.

Within 3 days you will receive your reward by e-mail which is usually a Amazon gift certificate code for $10-$20.

3. ACOP – This site has a minimum $10 pay out via check but only has a few surveys per month. There are better survey sites out there but if your looking for a little extra cash this is your site.

4. Focus Foward – This site has a minimum pay out of $20 and the average survey is a few $1 each so it takes a few weeks to get a cash out.

Overall not a bad survey site but there are much better paying sites.

5. Esearch – This site is great since all their surveys are relatively short and paid via paypal for every survey done.

Anotherwords, there is no minimum cash out. Just take each survey and they pay for each survey seperately in cash. Overall a great site.

If you have already signed up for survey sites in my ‘”Make $1,000/month taking surveys Ebook” these sites would be a great way to add some extra survey income.

Why Being Lazy Can Make You Rich

I remember reading a story about Ford Motors Company when they had brought in a efficiency consultant to lower costs. The story said that the consultant went through the entire company looking for cost reductions.

Henry Ford asks him his thoughts and he included an observation that the man across the hall was just sitting there everyday doing nothing.

Henry Ford responded that that man sitting there has come up with new ideas that have made the company millions and that he’s fine as he is.

The point of the story is that so few of us just sit and relax and allow our minds to think of new ideas and business opportunities that we are literally throwing away money being busy all day trying to make money for our bills.

Imagine if you set aside a few hours a week when you could just think up new money making ideas for inventions, businesses, etc. More money is made thinking than doing.

Free Money In Atlantic City

I recently took a trip down to Atlantic City to stroll the boardwalk and do a little gambling at the casinos. While I was there I noticed that many of the casinos are offering $100 free to new players signing up for the casino comp cards.

Comp cards are great since they get you free casino money, merchandise, meals, hotel rooms, etc. If you have never used them before the card looks like a credit card and is inserted each time you play a slot machine. This tracks your play and calculates rewards based on this information.

Since comp cards are free to sign up for you really have nothing to lose by getting them and everything to gain. The free $100 can be cashed out after playing through the original $100 and therefore keep any winnings.

This is really a win-win situation for new players since they won’t lose any money and can possibly walk away much wealthier than before they came to the casinos. Normally the $100 new player money is only available a few times a year for a limited time.

Now that the weather is getting a little nicer it may be worth your time to head to Atlantic City to stroll the boardwalk and do a little free gambling on the house.

Why You Should Invest Opposite of Everyone Else

Being popular and following the crowd may have many benefits but when it comes to investing it’s the worst thing you can do.

By the time everyone is following the investing crowd many of the big profits have already been made. If you really want to make money go opposite of the investing crowd. Think back a few years ago after the stock market crashed and everyone was withdrawling whatever money they had left from the stock market.

Fast forward to today and you can see what a big mistake that action was. For the rare few that stayed in the stock market and looked at it as a opportunity to buy high quality stocks at a discount it paid off in a big way.

The stock market may go higher from here but the big profits have already been made. Instead the beaten down real estate market could be the way to invest. No one wants to own real estate, period. The only people investing in it are the long term investors.

If your looking to flip real estate this is definitely a bad time to invest however if you can buy a fixer upper for little money, rehab it, and rent it you can flip it later down the road when the market improves. Worse case scenario, the real estate market doesn’t fully recover in several years but you still have the rent coming in every month.

When everyone is buying sell,when everyone’s selling buy. More investors have made money doing exactly opposite of the crowd that following it.