Expired Domains

One little known and untapped market for passive income seems to be buying expired domains. When a website owner for whatever reason doesn’t renew their domain name it’s up for grabs.

Since many of these domains/websites had advertised around the internet before being left to expire traffic keeps coming in. When you buy an expire domain you can take advantage of this free traffic by redirecting it to one of your websites, building a new website with the domain, or setting up ads on it via domain parking.

If you don’t have a website to direct the expired domains traffic to setting up the domain with ads is an ideal way to create passive income. Sites like parked and godaddy will set up the ads for your expired domains and pay you the revenue it generates monthly.

For some reason I rarely hear of internet gurus mentioning this tactic but it can generate a nice passive income with no work involved for the domain owner. You can buy expired domains for as little as $20 each over at godaddy.

Domain Parking

I follow many of the passive income and internet income blogs and have never found a single one that gets any revenue from domain parking.

Domain Parking is when you buy domains for the sole purpose of allowing a domain hosting company to place only ads related to your domain topic on your site.

Once you register the domain you simply have it placed in the domain parking account and your job is basically done.

You can change the header to show an image that relates to your domain name and also change the keywords.  Most hosting companies use a generic header and automatic optimized keywords so you don’t have to do anything.

I prefer to change both the header and keywords myself since I think at least a more appropriate header converts better.

Once your domain is set in cash parking you will earn revenue by visitors clicking on the ads on your domain.  The problem with domain parking is all your traffic must be generated by organic search traffic or previous links to that domain.

So if your registering a new domain, unless its a mistype of a popular domain name you will get little to no traffic.  The solution as I learned the hard way is to buy previous owned domains that the previous owner let expire.

Most hosting companies sell these expired domains along with the domain stats for a few dollars in addition to the normal registration fee.

Most of the domains like .com, .net, etc. cost less than $10/year to register and then add another $5-$10 premium for expiring domains since they generate automatic traffic from their previous owners use.

It will be difficult to buy a expiring domain with more than 600 visitors a month for less than the $10 additional premium which is fine since all you really need is a domain with over 300 visitors/month to be profitable.

The great thing about these expired domains is that once you buy them and put them in domain parking the traffic sometimes explodes due to higher traffic from pre-existing links to your domain.

Buying these expired domains is a lot like buying a lottery ticket since about a 1/3 will be duds, another 1/3 will be decent and the remaining 1/3 will be above average with a few that can be home runs.

The key to making a decent income from domain parking is to buy a decent quantity of them.  You are buying them to get the few big time earners that you will get every 10-15 expired domain buys.

I bought one for $11 including the registration and premium fee that has made me almost $1,000 in income in less than a year so this does happen from time to time.

The majority of your winners will bring in $20-$100/year which is still a good deal and remember that they can and do increase in traffic and income all by themselves.

The great thing that I love about domain parking is that no work is involved on your part at all and it is truly a untapped passive income since few information is out there about it.